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Nightlife Sensation on Bangla Road, Phuket

When it comes to partying in Thailand, Phuket Island is definitely on top of the list, and in Phuket, Bangla Road is definitely the place to go. Bangla Road is a typical, busy and noisy Thai street crowded with all kinds of vehicles during the day, but at night the road is completely closed for vehicles as the nightlife venues in the area are starting to open their doors for customers. That’s also why the area is known as the Phuket Walking Street, because you will not see any vehicle around, just a bunch of people walking looking for the right place to party.

This 400 meter road is full of neon lights, with loud music and girls calling and flirting trying to get you in their venues. There is no low season and peak season on Bangla Road, because it’s jammed almost every night all year round. You can find just about all kinds of nightlife venues in this place, from beer bars, discos, girlie bars, sports bars, to massage parlors and fancy restaurants can be found here. All kinds of nightlife entertainment also can be found here, from sexy dance, top DJs, live bands, even Phuket escort also available in this area.

The greatest thing about nightlife in Phuket is probably the prices that are so affordable for most people, in fact for most foreigners it would be really cheap. But still Phuket Thailand offers so much fun for partygoers with all kinds of entertainment it has. That’s probably because all bars and clubs are competing for customers, and the competition is quite brutal here, so many of them try to attract more customers by offering cheaper prices.

Nearly all bars on Bangla Road are open-fronted or outdoor bars, with loud music in each venue it creates a blend of a chaotic mixed beats. But that’s just another uniqueness of this nightlife area, one of the many things that make Bangla Road an unforgettable place from your Thai vacation.

Different areas on Bangla Road

Bangla Road are divided into several areas or also known as Sois. A Soi is a lane or small street, this term is widely used in Thailand to name a certain area. Here are the main Sois of Bangla Road:

Phuket Bar Girls


Soi Seadragon

For most people, especially single guys, this is where the action is, because this is the go go central of Phuket, some even consider that it’s the red light district of the island where you can find the Phuket prostitution. This area is full of go go bars, everywhere you look in this 100 meters long area what you see are girlie bars. Besides girlie bars there are also a lot of beer bars around the middle of the area. Some of the most popular nightlife venues in Phuket can be found in this area, including the legendary go go bar Suzy Wong’s and Exotica.


Soi Tiger

Home to almost 30 beer bars, Soi Tiger is right the opposite of the famous Seduction nightclub and Tiger Disco, a venue that’s is still quite new in the area but already became so popular in Phuket. Unlike most areas on Bangla Road, Soi Tiger is completely roofed, that’s why it’s quite a popular area during the rainy season. Inside the complex, it feels almost like you’re in a huge party because the lines dividing each venue are a bit vague. Some of the top venues in this area are Sin City Bar and Crazy Horse.


Soi Freedom

Used to known as Soi Eric, this area is full of sports bars with every venue equipped with an almost identical plasma TV playing a football match and connect 4 games on the bar. Popular bars in this area include the Freedom Bar and Smiley.


Soi Gonzo

The main reason why people visit this area is because they simply want to party in the Aussie Bar complex or the White Room Nightclub. These the most popular spots in the area, but there are also several nice beer bars here.

Phuket Bar Girls
Phuket Bar Girls

Soi Hollywood

This area also doesn’t have a lot of great venues, but IT IS the home of the iconic Hollywood Discotheque, in fact that’s how it got its name. This area was formerly named Soi Easy, but as the Hollywood Discotheque was reopened after being closed for quite some time, the name was changed to Soi Hollywood. Besides the iconic disco, this area also has quite a few cheap beer bars and many pool tables.


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