Phuket Bar Girls

Naughty Nightlife In Phuket Thailand


Girlie bars, go go bars and outrageous sex shows have always been one of the main attractions in Phuket Thailand, especially for those who want to experience its vibrant and unique nightlife sensation. Even though for some people the girlie bars in Phuket are rather distasteful, but actually it’s all part of the uniqueness of Phuket nightlife. In fact for many visitors, it’s the main reason why they came to Phuket Island.

The sex tourism sector in this area is definitely not as big or “industrial” as in Pattaya or Bangkok, but there’s no denying that it’s one of the things that keeps the nightlife scene in Phuket alive. That’s why the nightlife in Phuket scene is somewhat identical with Phuket prostitution. But it doesn’t mean that everyone visiting the nightlife areas in Phuket is just trying to get a Phuket escort, some people just want to be entertained and have fun enjoying the uniqueness of Phuket nightlife.


For many foreign visitors in Thailand, the unique sex shows and go go bars are must-see attractions, even for those who actually are not really enthusiastic about nightlife. These venues are just great places to drink and for people watching, every kind of visitor is welcome in these venues, even if you come as a couple you still can enjoy the entertainment.

All bars in Phuket have girls working as entertainers and waitresses. These bar girls are mostly really friendly, not only because they expect something from you, but it’s just the typical nature of Thai girls. They will be happy to accompany you while enjoying your drinks or play some exciting bar games, like dice or connect 4 games. You can reward them with tip or buy them lady drink. But if you want to take them out, usually you have to pay bar fine.

Girls in Phuket


Phuket Prostitution

Officially, prostitution is illegal in Thailand since 1960, when the government passed an anti-prostitution law. However, the Thai government never really criminalize the prostitution industry seriously, because actually they simply passed the legislation due to political pressure from the US and the UN. Then in 1996 the legislation was replaced by The Prevention and Suppression of Prostitution Act. In this new legislation, the definition of prostitution became even vaguer. It states that it’s only a prostitution when the parties involve act in a promiscuous manner. This kind of legislation enables the authority to allow the practice of prostitution and only forbid what they consider as ‘crossing the line’, which is pretty much only using their subjective judgment.

The government is actually doing it for an obvious reason, sex tourism is a huge money earner for the country. It has attracted so many tourists from all over the world and has kept the tourism industry alive in Thailand. In fact, it’s also one of the main industries that helped the country recover after the devastating monetary crisis in 1998. This industry also has helped a lot of new businesses to grow and gave jobs to many poor girls in the country.

Phuket Bar Girls
Phuket Bar Girls

But of course there are negative sides too from this industry, like under age prostitution and the number of sexually transmitted diseases that keep on rising. Despite the legislation that constitutes prostitution is being vague, the government takes underage prostitution quite seriously.

In recent development, the prostitution in Thailand is not limited in tourist resorts alone, almost every town in the country today has brothels, including Phuket. So besides naughty entertainment and escorts you can get in nightlife areas, you can also get ‘entertained’ in one of the brothels in Phuket.

The Girls

Most of the girls who work in the sex industry especially in tourist areas including Phuket, came from Isaan, an agricultural region, which is also the largest and poorest region in the country. The monthly wage of this region is only around 3000 Baht (about $90), that is why a lot of girls from this area choose to work in the sex industry.

These girls start quite early, most of them working in Phuket nightlife areas from their late teens. That’s why it’s quite common to see a lot of young faces down the streets of nightlife areas in Phuket inviting tourists to come into their venues. Most of the new girls are commonly used as baits to attract visitors, that’s why we always tend to see young faces outside of venues. But Thai girls do look younger than their actual age in foreigners’ eyes, they have small bodies and young faces. That’s why if you want to take a girl out, it’s better to be completely sure about her age, because if you’re involved with an underage girl, you might face some serious consequences.


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Phuket Bar Girls

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