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Phuket Island is one of the top nightlife destinations in Thailand, and when it comes to nightlife in Phuket, a girlie bar has always been the most popular type of venue. In Phuket Thailand, most of these girlie bars are located in Patong Beach around Bangla Road. The easiest ones to spot are perhaps those scatter along the street of Soi Seadragon. If you prefer girlie bars that are even more “adventurous”, usually you can find them at the end of most Sois or on the second floor of many bars in the area. Most of these girlie bars are well-advertised by their staff who walk around Bangla Road.

One of the great things about girlie bars in Phuket is that the shows are not geared towards male guests alone. Couples or even female guests can also enjoy the adult shows presented by these bars, or at least give them something unique to talk about when they are back to their countries.

While these bars are mostly really pretty laid back with quite relaxed atmosphere, photography is strictly prohibited. This is a rule in just about every bar in Phuket that must be followed by all visitors.

As for the prices it could be quite vary from place to place. The drinks are around 120-150 Baht, and there is also an entrance fee, some high-end bars in the area charge up to 500 Baht for the entrance fee. However the good thing is, most of these clubs usually allow you to take a peek inside before you decide to enter the bar and spend your evening there.

Most girlie bars in Phuket actually look very much alike from one another, usually you can really tell the difference when you have entered the venue and spend a little time in there. If this is your first time trying to enjoy nightlife in Phuket it might be a bit difficult to decide where to go. So here is a list of the most recommended girlie bars in Phuket:

Phuket Bar Girls
Phuket Bar Girls


Suzy Wong’s A Go Go

This bar is the icon of Soi Seadragon that has been in the area for more than a decade. While there are a lot of new bars popping up with all kinds of naughty entertainment, Suzy Wong’s continues to be among the most popular girlie bars in Phuket. Even though it’s located at the end of the lane, this bar still manages to attract more customers than other bars in the area. The place is easy to recognize with Chinese-style lanterns, rickshaw and beautiful girls wearing sexy Chinese attire.



Also known as Harem A Go Go is one of the luxurious girlie bars in Phuket. This bar used to be called the “Candy Club”, after it went through a total makeover the bar was given a new name and became one of the most beautiful bars in Phuket. Harem is known to be a really comfortable place to hangout with fancy decoration, red velvet sofas and the whole appearance of a high-class venue. Despite its classy look, this venue is surprisingly quite cheap. The prices for the drinks are pretty much the same as most bars in the area, while the entrance is free!


Devil’s Playground

Probably the most creative girlie bars in the area, you can easily recognize it with an eye-catching hell-style cave-like entrance. The interior is also made to resemble a huge cave with various lights all over the room creating a unique atmosphere. It’s not bright and not gloomy either, just perfect for a good party.

Rock Hard A Go Go

One of the largest girlie bars in Patong, this venue has been around for more than twenty years, which makes it one of the earliest girlie bars in the area. Located on Bangla Road, this girlie bar has two large stages that are used for some great performances.

Phuket Bar Girls
Phuket Bar Girls


With an all-white theme on its exterior and interior, this bar is quite easy to spot. Exotica is a comfortable place with a relaxing environment and more space than most bars in the area. The drinks are also quite cheap.

Diablo A Go Go

This bar is smaller than most girlie bars in the area and it also has a short stage, but still it’s a great place to hangout and enjoy some girlie entertainment. There are a few different performances you can enjoy in one night, sometimes there’s also a fire dancing. Drinks start at 120 Baht while the entrance is free.


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