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Common Terms Used In The Sex Industry In Phuket

In Thailand, “nightlife area” is often synonymous with “red light district”. That’s because where there are a lot of nightlife venues in one place, usually there is also sex industry in the area. This also applies in Phuket Thailand, a beautiful destination that’s popular for its vibrant nightlife scene.

Phuket has all kinds of nightlife venues with various entertainment, from the regular ones to the naughty ones and even outrageous ones. People from all over the world are not only here to party, but some of them are also looking for sexual adventure. The nightlife and sex industry in Phuket Island has various terms that might be a bit confusing for anyone who is new to this destination. So to understand things better, here are some of the most common terms used the sex industry in Phuket and their meanings:

Beer Bar

This is probably the most common type of venue you can find in Phuket, there are so many of them in every nightlife area. Beer bar is an open sided bar that often grouped in certain areas. In Phuket you can find most of these bars in the side streets off Bangla in Patong Phuket. The bar is usually equipped with stools and a few poles where some girls would dance to attract and entertain their guests. Usually the bar girls will flirt with the guests, starting a conversation or asking them to play some bar games, like dice games, jenga, connect-four or other games.


Go Go Bar

For many tourists, this is a must-see attraction in Phuket, even if you’re not really interested to enjoy nightlife in Phuket. Go go bar is a closed bar with sexy girls dancing on stages. In the past, most go go dancers are dancing topless, but today they mostly wear bikinis due to the new regulations regarding nightlife and prostitution in the country. However, in some venues topless dance is still on the menu, especially when they think that the authorities are not watching. These girls usually have numbers so customers can request a girl simply by naming her number.


Phuket Bar Girls


This is a job title that usually only exists in go go bars and big bars. Mamasan is a woman in charge of the girls working in the bar, whether they are dancers or waitresses. Usually a Mamasan is way older than the girls, oftentimes an ex-dancer or ex-waiter. She is in charge of everything concerning the girls, from recruiting them, to assuring that the girls are working well. In the world of Phuket prostitution, a Mamasan also acts as a pimp for the girls.


Lady Drink

This is a drink a customer buys for a girl that usually costs around 30-150 Baht, which is more expensive than regular drinks. The girl will earn money from every lady drink you purchase, so it works as a tip for the girl who is keeping you company in the bar.

Phuket Bar Girls
Phuket Bar Girls


Bar Fine

This is a fee you should pay to the bar if you want to take a girl out from that venue. The fee is to compensate the bar for losing a worker before her normal work hour is ended. Usually the bar will give a certain percentage of the bar fine to the girl, but it doesn’t mean that you no longer have to pay for the girl. In beer bars, the bar fine is usually around 300-500 Baht, but in go go bars the fine is way more expensive, which is around 3000 Baht or even more.


Short Time

A term used when a customer takes a girl to his room, usually nearby the venue, for a quick sex. A lot of go go bars and beer bar complexes actually have rooms available for short time. The price for the girl usually around 500-1000 Baht, plus you should also pay the bar fine.

Long Time

Just like short time but you can take the girl for a longer time, usually to spend a night in your hotel room. The price for the girl would be around 1000-2000 Baht.



GFE or Girl Friend Experience is getting increasingly popular these days. This kind of service is usually provided by Phuket escort, but you can also get it from a bar girl. This kind of service allows you to take the girl for the full length of your vacation, so it’s like having a girlfriend with you all through your holiday. Besides giving some ‘private services’ the girl can also act as a guide or translator.


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